*This is just a brief overview of what we carry.
Please call or visit us for product pricing and availability.

Livestock Feeds

  • Dairy and Beef
  • Hog Starter, Grower, Finisher
  • Dairy and Meat Goat
  • Lamb and Sheep
  • Salt: Blocks, Loose
  • Poultry: Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose, Guinea Fowl, Pheasant
  • Llama
  • Ratite, Emu, Ostrich
  • Rabbit, Guinea Pig

Show Feeds

  • ShowTime Feeds: Lamb, Steer, Combat/Battleground Hog

Garden Seed

  • Many, many varieties of vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds
  • Spring, Summer, Fall transplants
  • Seed Potatoes
  • Onion Plants, Sets. Garlic Bulbs


  • Alfalfa
  • Grass
  • Wheat
  • Straw (wheat)

Horse Feeds & Tack

  • LMF Senior, Low Carb
  • LMF Gold, Supplement A/G
  • LMF California Complete
  • Bar Ale Esteem
  • Hay Cubes, Pellets, and Meals
  • Various Grains 
  • Salt, Blocks/Bricks: Sulfur, Trace Mineral, Iodized, Selenium, Plain

Organic Feeds

  • Grains: Oat, Barley, Wheat, Milo, Corn, Flax, Peas, Sunflower.
  • Poultry: Starter/Grower, Layer. Soy and Soy/Corn -free options available.
  • Hog Grower
  • Dairy Goat
  • Rabbit
  • Alfalfa Pellets
  • Trace Mineral, Selenium Salt, blocks and bags
  • Kelp Meal
  • Diatomaceous Earth

Pet Foods

  • Dog: Diamond Naturals, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Chicken Soup, Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, River Run.
  • Cat: Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup, Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, Cat Chow, Friskies, Pet Master
  • Dry and Wet Food
  • Collars, Leashes, Toys and Chews

Bird Seed

  • Canary
  • Cockatiel
  • Finch
  • Parakeet
  • Parrot
  • Pigeon
  • Dove
  • Quail
  • Thistle
  • Wild Bird Mix
  • Sunflower

Wood Stove Pellets & Energy Logs