We do our best to keep chicks in stock from February to October.

Chicks are in high demand in the spring months, and will sell out fast. If you can wait, the summer months have greater availability.

Most of the time we request “over-hatch” chicks. “Over-hatch” chicks refer to chicks that hatch in excess of what is expected or desired in a particular hatchery or breeding operation, so just come in or call us to find out what we have in stock.

Large order reservations are possible, especially if you have the ability to wait for your order to be fulfilled.


(90% Pullets*)

Barred Rock
Black Australorp
Buff Brahma
Buff Orpington
Gold or Black Sex Link
Gold or Silver Laced Wyandotte
Light Brahma
New Hampshire Red
Rhode Island Red
Salmon Favorolle
Speckled Sussex
White or Brown Leghorn
White Plymouth Rock

*The majority, 90%, of the chicks are female.


(Straight Run*)

B.B. Red Old English
Millie Fleur
Partridge Cochin
Silver or Gold Sebright
White, Buff or Black Silkie
White Crested Black Polish

*A mixture of both male and female chicks.

Turkeys & Game Birds

  • Broad Breasted White or Bronze Turkeys (SR) (Feb-June)
  • Guinea Fowl (SR) (Spring, pending demand)
  • Pheasants (SR) (May-July)

Meat Birds

Cornish Rock Cross (meat) chicks. (SR)

Available to order year round. We take reservations. If you would like to place a reservation or place a large order, please give us a call (530) 342-5361

Ducks & Geese

We no longer order ducks or geese. Order yours directly from Metzer Farms.