New Chicks & Turkeys

Peep! Gobble! Spring Has Sprung at C Bar D Feed!

Spring is in the air and at C Bar D Feed, that means adorable chicks and fuzzy baby turkeys are here!

Get ready to hatch your own backyard flock with our selection of these feathered friends. Breeds will vary throughout the season, so it’s always a delightful surprise to see who’s waddling or chirping around the store.

First Come, First Served: Due to the popularity of these cuties and their need to find loving homes quickly, chicks and turkeys are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved.

Plan Ahead & Call for Availability: Don’t miss out on your chance to raise these charming churpers! Feel free to call us ahead of time at (530) 342-5361 to check on current availability and breeds.

Expert Chick & Turkey Care: Our knowledgeable staff know a thing or two about poultry, and are available to answer all your questions about raising chicks and turkeys, from choosing the right feed to building a comfortable coop. Don’t hesitate to ask how you can ensure your chicks stay healthy and your turkeys gobble with glee!

So stop by C Bar D Feed today and let the spring fun begin. These little ones won’t wait forever to find their forever homes!